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If you were looking for some luxury in the mid- to late Seventies, but in a truck, you bought the Beau James Sierra Classic in 1975. Lucky for us, we happened upon such an example that has been a Texas truck all its life, looking as good as it did back in the day.

So, what did the Beau James package mean for your Sierra? As the sales brochure goes, the package “was created for those who like the special things that life has to offer: the extra touches, the small refinements, the quietly appreciated subtleties.” In short, it was a truck for someone who may have been thinking about buying a Cadillac or something more luxurious, a marketing tactic that was novel in its day, but commonplace today. What does this particular Beau James Sierra have, though? According to its SPID, it had a 454 V8 paired with a TH400 automatic to deliver the goods to the rear pair of stock GMC Rallye wheels, now modern Billet Specialties wheels take their place.

The original drivetrain was tired, replaced with modern technology 580hp LSX, backed by a 4L80e trans. The blue and silver paint scheme compliment the stainless trim, especially on the short wheelbase version. Inside the Beau James Sierra’s cab, the bench is lovely in its soft velour Catalina Blue combo, while the faux wood accents give the truck the ruggedness expected with a name like Beau James. Modern Dakota digital gauges and Vintage Air keep the cab cool and informed. We’re not sure why this particular luxury package for the Sierra was called Beau James — perhaps to evoke a genteel, Southern gentleman vibe? — but we do know this is one fine truck, and a rarity at that: according to a Beau James information page, 4,000 were only built for the 1975 model year, with only 10% of those being short wheelbase, even less with big block power to motorvate this iconic classic truck.

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