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There’s something to be said about the road less traveled. These back roads are the true heartbeat of American that tell the story. These roads are how this country was built and each road is another page in the book that is America.

While on the Power Tour the whole point is to explore these back roads. Even further, we like to venture off the beat path and really see what we can find on these back roads. These back roads are where you can find all but forgotten towns and restaurants.

One year on Power Tour while exploring these less traveled roads we stumbled upon “The Most Haunted Tunnel” in Virginia. The story goes that this train tunnel had to be built in the late 1800’s – the haunted part comes from the fact on top of the hill they were digging through was a cemetery. Prior to building this tunnel they did move the bodies, but not all of them got moved.

It’s little road side attractions like this that keep us coming back on Power Tour and exploring all these roads. We can’t wait to see what we will find this year!

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