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Sunday August 30th, 2020 marked the second Quarantine Cruise presented by Pro Touring Texas and Painless Performance! With the hurricanes in the Gulf pushing weather up towards us, we were a little uncertain how the weather would look. In the middle of the night there was storms and rain but we aren’t scared of getting wet! We got up and drove an hour through pouring rain to the start in Waxahachie, TX.

We were rewarded with our efforts – by time we got to the start it was clear and sunny the rest of the day! This quarantine cruise was over double the attendance of the first one, even with the rain likely scaring away quite a few cars.

Heading Down The Road

Heading south we went to Italy! No no that Italy, but Italy, Texas where we stopped to grab some roadside photos. Even the local PD showed up to check out cars and help direct traffic as we took off from there and headed down to Hillsboro, TX. Our way down was through beautiful back country with rolling hills, ranches and historic buildings all around.

Once in Hillsboro we stopped at the Roadside America museum. This museum was packed full of 50’s Americana from Bobs Big Boy displays and even more cars. Just a neat place that takes you back in time and a must see for anybody traveling through.

While this cruise only lasted a few hours it certainly gave us the Power Tour feel but on a smaller scale. Just a bunch of cool cars and cool people cruising down the road checking out the off-the-beaten-path of America!

Quarantine Cruise #3 is already in planning – keep an eye out for an announcement for Late September!

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