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2020 has been a wild a crazy ride so far, but we wanted to give you a little update as to what we are up to! For us, it’s another day of Pro Touring Texas mayhem, LSX horsepower, and burnouts here in our Fort Worth, TX shop.

OBS Truck

For starters, we picked up this awesome OBS Chevy truck! It’s already slammed and rolling hard. This single cab is a classic and just needs a new owner! If you’ve been looking for an OBS truck to cruise around or even daily drive, look no further. Give us a call and let’s make it happen. For now, we will cruise it around for you to keep the fluids moving around.

Shop Truck: 1977 C10

If you remember, our new to us ’77 Squarebody “Blue Bills” caught on fire shortly after purchasing it. We’ve been cranking away at building it better than ever. To start, the new LT under the hood! We went ahead and added the plaid treatment to the inner fenders and will you check out these bad ass headers? If you think it can’t get better than than, check out the American flag Baer Brakes!


Of course we’ve been building horses as well. We had a customers ‘Vette C6 come in who wanted a lopy little cam and matched springs to free up some horses. Let’s get your ride in here for some upgrades as well – give us a ring and let us know what you’re thinking about.

Brandin’s Square body also received a nice dosage of HP with a blown LS that was utilized some Big Booty Judy engine specs. Speaking of Big Booty Judy, can you believe Instagram blocked #BigBootyJudy? Bullshit, we know. Guess they can’t handle her either.

The End – For Now

Just to end on a great note, here’s Amanda hanging with our shop Squarebody crew cab.

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