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Saturday, September 26th marked the third Quarantine Cruise we’ve hosted! Each time they keep getting better and better too. We originally picked this date because the Good Guys show was supposed to be this weekend but was cancelled. We figured let’s not that stop us from enjoying our cars and there was a whole crew of people in town for the cancelled event who thought the same thing!

We even started this third cruise at Texas Motor Speedway so those Good Guys cruisers would be right at home. Meeting up at 8AM we checked out all the different rides before heading north at 8:30AM for a cruise that took about an hour and a half.

Our destination was the Horton Classic Car Museum in historic Nocona, TX. Naturally though we didn’t just hop on a highway and go from Point A to Point B. We cruised through beautiful backroads, quaint cities and even stopped at a historic courthouse for a photo opportunity and to stretch our legs.

If anybody has ever been on the Hot Rod Power Tour this cruise felt exactly like that – roughly 40 cars and trucks just taking our time and taking in the sights, sounds and smells of beautiful Texas.

Once arriving at the Horton Classic Car Museum we got to walk around and see 100’s of classic cars including a massive Corvette collection. The cars here are all rare and unique cars and each one has a history with them.

For now, check out the gallery below and make sure to come on our next cruise! You won’t regret it!

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