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The heat is up and summer is here in Fort Worth! Work around the Pro Touring Texas shop is hot too. We are working like crazy to get these cars finished up so our customers can hit the road while it’s hot. We wanted to show you what we have been up to!

Project Grandma

This 1964 Chevelle is a survivor, all original car. That is, until it rolled into the Pro Touring Texas shop. We took this car and ripped the frame from under it. While apart we boxed the frame, rewelded it all, installed a complete RideTech suspension, Wilwood disc brakes, and a fresh coat of powder coat to top it all off. Under the hood we installed a LT4 to scoot the car down the road in a hurry. Our next step is to complete a mini-tub to stuff some meats under the rear.


One of our long term projects, this ‘Burb has been making lots of headway. After replacing almost all the sheet metal on it, we finally have been able to slide a complete Roadster Shop chassis on it. We have plans for a TMI Products interior in it and you can see below the graphics to get that done as some pieces will be custom made. This Suburban has a long ways to go, but has also come a long ways too. At least at this point we are getting things back together instead of tearing them apart!

1964 Impala SS

This project came to us as a completed project but needed some love. There were quite a few electrical gremlins plaguing the car. After trying to find them and fix them all it was decided a complete rewire is in order. We grabbed an American Autowire kit and went to town rewiring every single inch of this car. While we were at it we are replumbing it as well to clean up some of the hoses and lines. The end goal is to have a car that’s ultra reliable and works just as you’d expect, every single time.

There’s plenty of other things happening around the shop too. From a basic Silverado getting a new engine, to an S10 seeing some love. No matter where you turn, we have a project under way getting some love. Swing on by anytime and see what we are up to!

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