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One of the biggest feats of accomplishment one can do in their car is complete a Hot Rod Power Tour. This is a car show, a road trip, and a challenge all in one. Traveling thousands of miles – 7 cities in 7 days, the Hot Rod Power Tour is one of our favorite car activities we do all year long.

The Power Tour is more than a car show. It’s about getting that classic iron out of the garage and actually using it! It’s a week where you’re surrounded by old cars and everybody is waving to you and letting you in while making tons of new friends.

Make no mistake though, the Hot Rod Power Tour can be downright brutal on just about any car. We’ve had our share of triumphs and tribulations over the years and thought we’d share some tips for having a fun and successful Power Tour.

Tips for Hot Rod Power Tour

  1. Go over the entire vehicle, top to bottom. Check all nuts and bolts for correct tightness. Make sure all the fluids are fresh and topped off and have spare fluids.
  2. Take a reliable car. On the same token as above, take something that’s reliable. It will get really old really quick having to fix your car all the time.
  3. Leave the hotels in the morning at a reasonable time. This gives you the time to fix anything on the side of the road, finding unique roadside attractions and get into the venue without a massive line of cars.
  4. Book hotel rooms close to the venue. Every night at just about any hotel within a half hour or so of the venue is going to be filled with fellow Power Tour folks and it’s another chance to make new friends and see more of the thousands of cars up close.
  5. Take the roads less traveled. There’s an official cruise route which is fun and you can even cruise the highways. Take a day or two and explore some back roads. You never know what you’ll find in America’s back yard.
  6. Have fun. The whole point of the Power Tour is to have fun! Don’t stress out about the trip. You’re off work, cruising in your pride and joy with 5,000+ other cars doing the same thing. Take in the sites and smells and enjoy the ride.
  7. Drive old iron! This is a huge debate – is it really that much of a challenge if you’re cruising in something new? Absolutely not. We always cruise a classic and feel it’s part of the experience to see if you can make it. If all you have is something new, then definitely still hop in and go! But the cool factor goes up in old iron.
  8. Don’t go at it alone! The fun of the trip is chatting with a buddy or spouse and enjoying it all. Plus they can help fix your car if needed. Driving by yourself would get boring pretty quickly – the Power Tour is all about the people!
  9. Hang out with Pro Touring Texas! We find the coolest stuff on the road and have the most fun. We’ve also been known to find the areas where people are doing burnouts as well.
  10. The friends and people you’ll meet. Honestly the cars are the second part of Hot Rod Power Tour. The first and best part is the people! We’ve met tons of people who have become family over the years. Every year is like a homecoming reunion where we get to see them again. There’s nothing quite like the bond you’ll make over the Power Tour.

We hope that we see you on the Hot Rod Power Tour this year and for years to come! Follow us on Instagram to see where we are at and shoot us a message – if you see us, give us a hello!

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